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The Madison County Sheriff’s Office does not have staff available to assist in the interpretation of the data presented herein.

Burglary (B)
Larceny (L)
Crashes (C)
B June 2017 (PDF)
L June 2017 (PDF)
C June 2017 (PDF)
B May 2017 (PDF)
L May 2017 (PDF)
C May 2017 (PDF)
B April 2017 (None Reported)
L April 2017 (PDF)
C April 2017 (PDF)
B March 2017 (PDF)
L March 2017 (PDF)
C March 2017 (PDF)
B February 2017 (PDF)
L February 2017 (PDF)
C February 2017 (PDF)
B January 2017 (PDF)
L January 2017 (PDF)
C January 2017 (PDF)
B 2016 (PDF)
L 2016 (PDF)
C 2016 (PDF)
B 2015 (PDF)
L 2015 (PDF)
C 2015 (PDF)
B 2014 (PDF)
L 2014 (PDF)
C 2014 (PDF)
B 2013 (PDF)
L 2013 (PDF)
C 2013 (PDF)
B 2012 (PDF)
L 2012 (PDF)
C 2012 (PDF)
B 2011 (PDF)
L 2011 (PDF)
C 2011 (PDF)
B 2010 (PDF)
L 2010 (PDF)
C 2010 (PDF)