Emergency Management

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The Madison County Office of Emergency Management provides training and operational support to Madison County's First Responder community, including Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement  agencies. We also support citizen preparedness through training and provides guidance relating to preparing for disaster and how to be self-sufficient during an emergency. Welcome.
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Overhead views of a 10 acre brush fire in the Town of Madison, Hamilton Fire District requiring the response of 11 Fire Departments, 3 ambulances, 2 NYS forest rangers, and two bulldozers to confine and extinguish over a period of six hours.  The fire was caused when a property owner initiated controlled  burn of  accumulated logging slash burned out of control when the wind speed increased in an area that was exceptionally dry.   Property owners should contact their NYS Forest Ranger, Local Fire Chief, or County Fire Coordinator before initiating any kind of open burning.

   2017 Office of Emergency Management Annual Report click here

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