Pistol & Semi-automatic Rifle Permits

The Pistol Permit Office will continue normal operations by appointment only. Please call 315-366-2406 to make an appointment.  Walk ins will not be accepted.

The Office is open Monday-Friday
8am-12pm and 12:30pm-4pm.
The 1st Wednesday of the month will be open until 6pm.

We now accept credit/debit cards for payment of all pistol permit transaction fees. A 4% surcharge (minimum $1.00) applies.

Any questions can be emailed to pistolpermits@madisoncounty.ny.gov

Application Information

The Sheriff's Office has made the pistol and semi-automatic rifle permit application forms accessible to you on this website. Please see the pistol permit application page link located on the left margin.

An application packet may be downloaded from our site or picked up from the Madison County Pistol Permit office. No other application packets will be accepted. 

You must be a Madison County resident for at least 6 months immediately preceding your application.

You must be 21 years old or honorably discharged from military service.

*When applying for a Possess on Premise Pistol Permit, Carry During Work Pistol Permit or Semi-Automatic Rifle Permit you must have one of the following:

  • a hunting license
  • a hunting safety certification
  • pistol safety course
  • proof of military service (DD-214 or current military ID)
  • active or retired law enforcement ID

*When applying for a Carry and Concealed Pistol Permit you must have completed the 18-hour firearms safety training course (unless you are exempt).

Note: Your pistol or semi-automatic rifle permit is valid anywhere in New York State, except in the five counties of the City of New York. Your pistol permit is valid until suspended or revoked. Moving out of New York State and Death also terminate your permit (see moving and death sections).


  • Duplicate Pistol Permit Fee: $20
  • Amendment (Pistol Permit Changes): $3

Note: All fees are subject to change at any time without previous notification


  • To Another State: Contact pistol permit office for current information.
  • To Another County: You must come into the Madison County Pistol Permit Office within ten (10) days of your move and complete a 'Move and Transfer' amendment as well as a Transfer Request Form. Fees will be charged for amendments and one (1) $5 check will be needed; made payable to Madison County Clerk.
  • Within Madison County: You must come into the Madison County Pistol Permit Office and do a 'Move' amendment within ten (10) days of the move. You must also put in a 'Move' amendment even if you don't move, but your address is changed in any way. A fee will be charged.

Other Information

  • Duplicate Licenses: May be obtained for mutilated or lost permits. Call the pistol permit office for further information.
  • Possession: Do not take possession of any handgun(s) until after you have registered the handgun(s) with the pistol permit office, obtained a purchase coupon and get handgun(s) put on your pistol permit.
  • Report: Report all lost, stolen, or destroyed handguns to the Pistol Permit Office. You should also report this information to a Police Agency.
  • Adding / Deleting a Handgun: You will need to bring in a receipt for the pistol that is marked paid in full. You will also need to complete an amendment for changes. You may call the Pistol Permit Office for additional information.
  • Note: Handguns may be co-registered with one other Madison County Pistol Permit holder.
  • Disposal: There is specific paperwork to be completed when disposing of a handgun(s).