Receive Emergency Notifications

Madison County Emergency Management utilizes a number of social media sites, apps, and technologies to keep our citizens, visitors, and first responders informed with up to date, official information regarding emergency management matters.
Wireless Emergency Alerts


View Madison County's Twitter account, be sure to Follow Us to receive Push notifications automatically to your Twitter account. (This website and Twitter account are not monitored by emergency personnel. Call 911 for emergencies)


By signing up for NY-Alert, you can receive warnings and emergency information via the web, your cell phone, email and other technologies. Signing up for NY Alert is free. Your information is protected and never shared with anyone else. You can modify what type of information you receive or unsubscribe at any time. It is a tool to provide you with critical information when you may need it most.

Please click the link for further information and to sign up for the alerts

Emergency Alert System (EAS)

The Federal Communications (FCC) established the Emergency Alert System (EAS) in November 1994. Using new digital technology, the EAS replaced the old Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) as a tool to warn the public about emergencies.
The most common use of the EAS is by the National Weather Service to warn local communities about severe weather warnings. You have probably heard radio stations interrupt their programming to broadcast a tornado warning or seen a TV station or cable system run a "crawl" across the bottom of the TV screen about a severe thunderstorm. That's EAS.
EAS - Emergency Alert System