Private Individual Water Testing Services

What's in Your Drinking Water? Homeowners of private drinking water systems are responsible for the testing and quality of their own drinking water, unlike regularly tested and regulated public water systems. (If you are on public water, request your annual water quality report from the company listed on your monthly water bill.)

Testing your individual water system is the only way to be sure your water is safe to drink.

Free Water Testing Program for Individual Water Systems

Madison County Health Department provides free testing to eligible owners of residential wells, and other small individual onsite water systems serving households in Madison County. We also provide technical assistance on measures that can help you protect your private individual drinking water supply.

To learn more about this free testing service and if your home is eligible for free testing, call Madison County Health Department’s Water Specialist at 315-366-2526.

New York State Pilot Program: Free Lead Testing

Click to apply for free lead testing in drinking water. A NYS Department of Health Pilot Program.
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Click here for Madison County maps to identify areas where contaminants may be present.

In Madison County, 32% of the population is on a private individual or on-site water supply system. A private water supply may be a spring, spring box, lake, drilled or dug well. 

Map data is based on test results from more than 300 individual water systems in Madison County.

Click here for Interactive Madison County Maps

Map of Drinking Water System Types in Madison County, New York