Sex Offender Registry

The Madison County Sheriff's Office is providing information to the community, about certain convicted sex offenders, in accordance with New York State Corrections Law, Article 6-C, entitled Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA). SORA became effective in January 1996. SORA is New York's version of New Jersey's "Megan's Law." Megan Kanka was a young girl, living in New Jersey, who was raped and murdered by a twice convicted sex offender, who was living in Megan's neighborhood. SORA mandates that certain convicted sex offenders must register with the Division of Criminal Justice Services in Albany and/or the local law enforcement agency.

It is important to understand that SORA has limitations. The law does not require that all convicted sex offenders register. In addition, many sex offenses go unreported. Therefore, there could be a sex offender living in your neighborhood and the authorities would not know it.

The information contained in the Sex Offender Registry is constantly changing. Therefore, the Madison County Sheriff's Office does not make any express or implied warranties concerning the accuracy of the information in the Registry.


We are pleased to provide the OffenderWatch® service for the citizens of our community. OffenderWatch is the nation’s leading sex offender registry network, which enables us to manage registered sex offenders in our community. With the free OffenderWatch family safety app and this website, you get the most accurate and up-to-date information available about sex offenders in our area.

To Download the App:

The first link allows residents to search for offenders and/or register for email alerts.

The second link is for residents to download and put on their phone and their child’s phone (OffenderWatch App) so if that child is getting calls, texts, emails from a sex offender, it will alert the parent. If the child is close to or at a sex offenders house the parent will also get a notification.