If You See Something, Say Something

Improve Observation Skills - See Something, Say Something

Know the Eight Signs of Terrorism so you can be vigilant:

  1. Surveillance: Individuals recording, watching, unusually photographing or monitoring activities, especially near critical infrastructure.
  2. Suspicious Questioning: Seeking information about manpower, staffing, facility specific information, response protocols and security without an obvious need to know.
  3. Tests of Security: Breaches of security or attempted intrusions as a test; may include numerous or unexplained false alarms, and/or individuals in secure areas claiming to be lost.
  4. Funding: Suspicious transactions involving large cash payments, deposits, withdrawals, or transfers of money; bulk cash smuggling; suspected financial fraud; sale of counterfeit goods; or misleading charities
  5. Acquiring Supplies: Purchase, theft, loss, or stockpiling of supplies needed for an attack; may include explosives, weapons, chemical precursors, computers, blue prints, maps, fake identification cards, security plans, training materials, etc.
  6. Suspicious Persons Out of Place: Persons who do not seem to belong, exhibiting unusual behaviors or unauthorized possession of uniforms, credentials, or cloned/stolen/repurposed vehicles.
  7. Dry or Trial Run: Individuals practicing for a later attack, to determine timing and escape routes.
  8. Deploying Assets: Positioning equipment and/or personnel in preparation for an attack.

Terrorism Tips Line InfographicIf you see something, say something. Report any suspicious activity to the New York State Terrorism Tips Hotline at 866-SAFE-NYS (866-723-3697). All calls are toll free, and will remain strictly confidential.