Madison County Board of Elections

2018 Political Calendar & signatures required

2018 Elections 

 June Village Elections
June 19, 2018 noon - 9 pm
Cazenovia, Hamilton & Morrisville
Petitions Filed 

  Federal Primary 

June 26th - No Federal Primary in Madison County

State/Local Primary

*September 13, 2018
*The Primary will be held on Thursday, September 13th, noon - 9pm
General Election 

November 6, 2018 6am - 9pm

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The Madison County Board of Elections is dedicated to ensuring that all eligible residents have the opportunity to register to vote, easily cast their vote and be confident that every vote is counted.
Accurate information will be provided regarding voter registration, the voting process, and running for office. Elections will be conducted according to Election Law in a nonpartisan, open manner to ensure public confidence. The Board of Elections is committed to serving all citizens and administering Elections that are accessible and fair with valid results.

Laura P Costello
Democratic Commissioner

Kelley S Hood
Republican Commissioner