Town of Stockbridge


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, pursuant to Section 1660, Sub. 11 of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, that certain Town roads or portions thereof will be temporarily closed in the Town of Stockbridge to any vehicles with a gross weight of over 4 or more tons when, in the opinion of the Town Superintendent of Highways, such highway would be materially injured by the operation of such vehicle thereon. Such exclusion shall take effect upon the erection of signs on the section of highway from which vehicles are excluded, and the exclusion shall remain in effect until the removal of the signs as directed by the Town Superintendent of Highways. Additional information with regard to such highways or removal of restrictions thereon, may be obtained from the Town Superintendent of Highways.

Peter R. Kiehn Sr.

Superintendent of Highways

Town of Stockbridge

Dated: 02/06/2019     

Phone Numbers/Addresses for the Town of Stockbridge

Other Madison County Residents, ​please contact your local Town offices.
Name Title Contact Information
Alexander Stepanski Supervisor PO Box 95
5311 North Main Street
Munnsville 13409
Home Phone: 315-495-6752
Office Phone: 315-495-2586
Cami Kiehn Town Clerk and Tax Collector
(The Town Clerk’s Office does not 
handle Court matters, please contact 
the Town Justice at 315-495-2586.)
PO Box 87, 5314 N. Main St.
Munnsville 13409
​Daniel Vineall  Town Justice
(Stockbridge Town Court is held 
on the Second and Fourth Thursdays 
of the month and starts at 6 pm. 
The Court does not have regular 
business hours, but please call 
315-495-2586 and leave a 
message and they will return 
your call.)
PO Box 143
Munnsville, 13409
Fax 315-495-6267
Fred Marshall Councilman
Munnsville 13409
Roland Shea Councilman Munnsville 13409
James Strain Councilman Munnsville 13409

Timothy Meeker Councilman Munnsville  13409

Tanya Pifer Assessor PO Box 214
Munnsville  13409
Peter Kiehn Highway Superintendent PO Box 215
Munnsville 13409
Sheila Garrett
Dog Control Officer Munnsville 13409
David Fort Code Enforcement Officer - 
(Other Madison County Residents,
contact your local CEO)
PO Box 114
Munnsville 13409

David Sadler Historian Munnsville 13409
James Chamberlain Water Superintendent 315-264-3617
Stockbridge Cemetary   315-439-6308

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