The mission of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office is to maintain public peace and safety through the efficient delivery of police services. The Madison County Sheriff’s Office exists because of the community we serve. We are an organization of professionals dedicated to the fair and impartial enforcement of law regardless of race, creed or lifestyle.

The badge is a symbol of public trust and we wear ours with pride. We recognize the value of human life and the dignity of all people and strive to treat those with whom we come in contact with, with fairness, compassion, and respect. We seek to reduce not only crime itself but also the fear of crime. In this role, we as members of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, will improve the quality of life for the citizens of Madison County.

We will provide programs that contribute to crime deterrence, prevention and investigation. We strive to foster good community partnerships and are dedicated to a creation of mutual trust which will allow us to work together in resolving mutual concerns and in establishing a safe and secure environment within Madison County.

We will rapidly respond to emergency situations in order to prevent a loss of life and injury to citizens.

We recognize the importance of working together within our Office as well as with other agencies to maintain a work environment, which promotes trust, faith, respect and interpersonal support for all.

- Allen Riley, Sheriff