County Clerk

Government depends upon records to function. Think of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. For example, how do people prove: their identification (and ability to drive a car legally), they own their property, have a business, have a claim on property, they are divorced and the terms? Government records! The County Clerk and staff are responsible for recording, filing, preserving legal documents for residents in order to safeguard this vital information.

Property Records

Real property records facilitate transfers of real property in an orderly manner-deeds, mortgages, modifications, assignments and satisfactions, survey and subdivision maps, and judgments and liens, etc. This serves as a basis for determining clear title for real estate conveyances when disputes or questions occur. The majority of records held are open for public inspection.

Deed/Mortgage Copy Instructions

If you need a copy of your deed or mortgage, please read our brief instructions (PDF).

Supreme & County Courts

County Clerks assist the Supreme and County Courts by handling fees, fines, filings and certifying court records. To initiate a County or Supreme Court case, it is filed in the County Clerk's office. Passport applications begin their processing at most Clerks' offices.


Researchers will find our history pages useful. They can be found under the Historian's homepage.

Madison County DMV

The Madison County DMV serves as a full-service agent for the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. By processing your transactions at our local DMV office, the county retains 12.7%, which helps support your county and taxes. Our office strives to serve you efficiently and effectively. We are constantly updating our service to constituents, and we hope you find this website helpful. Please click on the services at left to find information.

Current Demographics

If you are interested in current demographics of the county, please see Cornell University's study, "A Collection of Recent Demographic, Social and Agricultural Data (PDF)."

Budget Impact

View the New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC) 2014-15 New York State Budget Impact Summary (PDF) for Madison County.


We look forward to serving you.

IQS (Info Quick Solutions)

Land records from 1966 and more can be searched online through IQS (registration required). Visit Madison County's Online Records for details.

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