Genealogy & Research

The County Clerk's office contains a wealth of materials for both the genealogist and general researcher. Among the records you may find useful are naturalizations, marriage certificates (duplicates of forms filed with the local town or village dating from 1908 to 1931), census records (1850, 1860, 1880, and 1910 federal and 1835 to 1925 state), school records (mostly financial reports dating from 1829 through 1950), incorporations and business documents, Tuttle's records - a collection of information compiled by one-time Madison County historian William H. Tuttle (Veteran and Burial, 10,000 Names, Miscellaneous), deeds, and mortgages. Much of this information can be found online under the Historian's pages of the county website.

Please note: birth, death, and marriage certificates (exception noted) are not filed with the County Clerk's office. Please contact the town, village, or city where the event occurred for these records.
Photo of naturalization books


If you are planning to stop in to conduct research, please notify us ahead of time so that we may prepare materials for you. Many of our collections are stored off-site and require time to retrieve.

Perform Research

If you would like us to perform research on your behalf, please fill out the Research Request form (PDF) and return to us with payment.

Online Records

Land records from 1966 and more can be searched online through IQS (registration required). Visit Madison County's Online Records for details.