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BE ADVISED: All future OFPC training offerings will use the NYS Learning Management System (LMS) for registration. Please update your training records account by following the link, then select the "WebForms" link in the upper right corner of the page, then select "Update User Personal Information" link. LMS is dependent on a current email for each member. You will need your LMS login in order to register for OFPC training.


Firefighter II: Madison County Training Center         REGISTER

Designed as the last step in initial level training for interior structural firefighters and/or who will serve as team or group leaders under the general supervision of an officer. Introduces new more advanced areas that will be expanded in other training programs. A firefighter receives the training components equivalent to those found within NFPA Firefighter II Standard.

Firefighter II is based on objectives from NFPA Standard 1001, Firefighter Level II, and consists of performance criteria in: incident command implementation, building materials and collapse, special rescue, hydrant flow and operability, hose tools, foam operations, flammable liquid/gases, detection, alarm systems, fire department communications, pre-fire planning, special situations, strategy and tactics.

Note: Firefighter II equivalents are Fire Attack II or Advanced Firefighter

Designed for: Interior structural firefighters and/or firefighters who may serve as team or group leaders

Course Length: 42 hours

Prerequisites: Firefighter I or equivalent and students must also be physically capable of wearing SCBA and possess current medical clearance for SCBA use. Students not possessing this prerequisite will not be allowed to participate for their own safety.

Dates: 6/6, 6/9, 6/13, 6/16, 6/18x2 units, 6/20, 6/23, 6/28, 7/7, 7/9x2 units, week nights 18:30-21:30, Saturdays 08:00-15:00


Rescue Technician-Basic Course: starts Tuesday, May 9th, DeRuyter FD     REGISTER

Rescue Technician - Basic provides a base from which to prepare students for a wide variety of possible rescue operations. This course includes an overview in areas of specialized rescue, search, technical rescue management, risks and priorities; use of ropes, knots, and rope systems in a low angle environment, and establishment of landing zones for helicopter operations. Demonstrations, practice sessions and testing are included.

Designed for: All emergency response personnel

Course Length: 24 hours

Training Dates: 05/09, 5/16, 5/23, 6/6, 6/13, 6,27, 7/11 and 7/18/2022

Prerequisites: Completion of BEFO/HMFRO, or Scene Support, or greater.


Fire Police, Eaton FD, starts 5/17/2022 @ 18:30           REGISTER

Trains fire police to perform their duties more effectively. It includes defining and interpreting terms, oath of office, relation to regular police officers, general duties, maintaining safe conditions at an emergency, traffic direction and control, pre-planning, and various laws of interest to the fire service. Under the provision of General Municipal Law, Section 209-c, this course, when approved by OFPC, must be completed by every fire police officer who was appointed after September 1, 1980.

Designed for: Fire service personnel designated as fire police

Course Length: 21 hours

Course Location(s): Eaton FD

Training Dates: 05/17/, 5/24, 5/31, 6/7, 6/14 (1830-21:30), and 2 units on 06/25/2022 (08:00-15:00)

Prerequisites: None Specified


Coming Soon - more details posted soon, registration will open shortly in LMS

Engine Company Operations: starts July 12th, Lincoln FD

County Sponsored Trainings:

Basic Exterior Firefighting Operations Skills Refresher: Thursday, March 31, 18:30-21:30 at the MCEMTC. REGISTER


Madison County 2022 Spring Seminar, presented by Dr. David Griffin
Two presentations on March 28, 2022: 

13:00 Madison County Emergency Management Training Center. This presentation is directed towards fire commissioners and municipal officials. Limited to 20. REGISTER

19:00 Stockbridge Valley Central Schools, This presentation is directed towards fire service members. REGISTER

The fire training tower has opened for the 2021 season. Contact the fire coordinator if your department or battalion would like to do live fire, forcible entry, bailout or other training.
Battalion 2 Live Fire Training March 21, 2021

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