What does the historian do?


According to New York State Statute each municipality is responsible to appoint a local historian. Historian's work falls into four categories:
  • Historic Preservation
  • Organization, Advocacy and Tourism Promotion

  • Research and Writing
  • Teaching and Public Presentations


In Madison County the historian occasionally publishes a column in a number of local newspapers including the Cazenovia Republican, Madison County Courier and the Oneida Dispatch. Matt maintains office hours during the week Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, although these are subject to change due to meetings, presentations and hosting school groups and organizations.  It is always in your best interest to reach out to him prior to your visit.  He is located in in the County Clerk's office and assists in archival document preservation. He is part of the team that created and currently maintains the index lists that are visible on this website and assists local researchers, (as well as those from outside the area, who are encouraged to fill out the request form (PDF) and mail in requests).


Matt presents to local community and historical groups, museums, schools and private organizations on local history upon request. Additionally the historian organizes and hosts special events, including training classes for local institutions, historians and others a few times a year and in October he coordinates Madison County's annual Archives Day, which celebrates documents stored in the Madison County Archives. The historian also actively collects documents pertaining to the county's history for future use.

Additional Information

For more information, please feel free to contact the county historian at any time by phone or email.

Prior To Visit

Please note, it is always wise to contact the historian prior to your visit, as speaking engagements, outside research and special events change his office hours occasionally. If you are looking for specific research materials, advance notice allows him to pull any items you need prior to your arrival. This will allow ample time to gather materials pertinent to your research.


Here are links to sites you may find useful.

1875 Atlas of Madison County from the Oneida Public Library History Collection is now on line on the New York Heritage website. Check it out for high-resolution images of the maps of all towns, villages and hamlets in Madison County, NY., with the names of individual property owners in 1875.

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