Punch Card Schedule

  • Volume up to one 33-gallon can or the equivalent: 1 punch

  • Volume up to 33-gallon bag: 1 punch
  • Pickup truck up to 1-ton capacity (loose material, no greater than cab height): 18 punches
  • Pickup truck (1/2) half loads: 9 punches
  • Bulk Waste as Follows
    • Tires* (auto and Truck): 1 punch
    • Easy chairs, loungers, recliners, wooden chairs: 3 punches
    • Sofas, couches, sofa beds: 3 punches
    • Tables (all kinds): 3 punches
    • Mattresses and Box Springs: King and Queen - 3, Double - 2, Twin - 1
    • Waste Oil (5 gallon limit per drop off): No charge
    • Refrigeration Units**: 2 punches
    • Antifreeze** (for each 2 gallons): 1 punch
    • Recyclables: No charge

*A limit of Five (5) tires per load is allowed for disposal at each Transfer Station.  Anything over Five (5) tires should be weighed in at the Landfill Scalehouse on Buyea Road in the Town of Lincoln.

** Accepted only at the main Landfill site, Buyea Road, Town of LIncoln

Note: Items not listed will be based on the attendant's judgment.  Please call 315-361-8408 for any other questions.