Pistol & Semi-Automatic Rifle Permit Application

The Madison County Sheriff's Office conducts the background investigation required of all pistol and semi-automatic rifle permit applications. The permits are issued by the Madison County Court Judge.

Applications are free of charge and may be printed via the link below or picked up during normal business hours.


Click here for the State Police FAQs regarding recent changes to NYS firearm laws.

The Madison County Sheriff's Office has updated the application process per the recent NYS legislation passed on September 1 and September 4, 2022. If you received an application prior to September 13, 2022, please print or pick-up the updated application.

As of September 1, 2022, all new applicants for the carry and concealed pistol permit MUST complete the 18-hour firearm training course once available. The course will consist of 16 hours of classroom and 2 hours of live-fire firearm safety training. The 18-hour Firearms Safety Training Course must be conducted by a certified instructor. For persons who are exempt from the course click here.

Madison County Pistol and Semi-Automatic Rifle Permit Application

For your convenience, you may SAVE the application to your computer, fill it in electronically, and then print for signatures and bring it to your appointment.

The total, non-refundable fee of $108.25 ($88.25 DCJS fingerprint fee + $20.00 processing fee) is due at the time of application submission and are all payable directly to the Madison County Sheriff's Office by cash, money order, or credit card.  4% surcharge (minimum $1.00) applies to credit card payments.   

You will undergo various background checks by NYS, FBI, and local police agencies where you currently reside, or have in the past.  Any additional fees required by these agencies for the background checks are your responsibility.  If additional fees are required, you will be notified by our office in writing with instructions for submitting payment. 

Upon approval of your permit application a $5.00 filing fee is payable to Madison County Clerk and a $10.00 new permit fee is payable to Madison County Sheriff's Office.

Applicants that live (“Domiciled”) outside of New York State but maintain a residence in Madison County, New York may apply for a permit in Madison County. “Domicile” is defined as (from Black’s Law Dictionary) “the place at which a person is physically present and that the person regards as home: a person’s true, fixed principal and permanent home, to which that person intends to return and remain even though currently residing elsewhere.”  A person may have more than one residence, but only one domicile.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is charged with conducting a thorough investigation of all handgun and semi-automatic rifle applicants domiciled within this County. This entails requesting, receiving and reviewing various records and reports from numerous New York State agencies and entities. The Madison County Sheriff’s Office does not have the capability to obtain these records and/or reports from comparable agencies and entities outside of New York State for non-domiciliary applicants.

As a result, an applicant who is domiciled outside of New York State will have to arrange with comparable agencies and entities in their state of domicile to have the necessary documentation sent to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office. This task will be, at best, difficult and time consuming and, at worst, perhaps impossible. Nevertheless, without this documentation, the application must be denied and the applicant’s application fee will be forfeited. Applicants domiciled outside of New York State are thus warned of this considerable and significant obstacle.

You can contact the Madison County Pistol Permit Investigator at 315-366-2426 to obtain information on what documentation you would be required to provide from the state in which you are domiciled.
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