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  1. Coronavirus COVID 19

    Madison County Health Department Confirms first Case of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Madison County Health Department announced today, March 21, 2020, that it has received its first positive test of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Read on...
  2. 2019nCoV Novel Coronavirus

    Madison County is Prioritizing Testing for COVID-19

    “At this moment, we do not have the supply to test every resident. We are using very specific conditions to evaluate whether or not to test for COVID-19,” said Public Health Director Eric Faisst. Read on...
  3. Symptoms of COVID-19 From CDC

    Know the Symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Who Should Get Tested

    Symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Most people experience mild illness and recover from COVID-19 without needing medical treatment. There are certain groups who may experience more severe illness. Read on...
  4. Coronavirus COVID 19

    Madison County Wants Residents to Know How Coronavirus (COVID-19) is Spread

    With so much information out in the public about Coronavirus (COVID-19), Madison County Health Department would like to reiterate how the virus spreads and where residents can get the most accurate information. Read on...
  5. Forces of Change Community Assessment Engagement Meeting

    2020 Madison County Community Health Improvement Plan

    Madison County Health Department released the 2020 Madison County Community Health Improvement Plan. Read on...
  6. Pyramid Model Training Flyer

    Pyramid Model Training

    A free training will be held for providers working with Madison County Children birth to age 5 years. Read on...
  7. Madison County MapPLainBlue

    Disease Surveillance Report

    Check out the latest data on this year's flu season in Madison County, the State, and in the U.S. Read on...
  8. Morrisville June 2019 012

    New York State Law Requires all Children Under Age 2 to Ride Rear-facing

    As of November 1, 2019, parents and anyone who transports infants and toddlers needs to know that New York State law requires all children under the age of 2 to ride in a rear-facing car seat. Read on...
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