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  1. Photo of an algal bloom in shallow water in a lake

    Harmful Algae Blooms Threaten with Warmer Weather

    With the recent rains and forecast of hot, sunny weather, reports of harmful algal-blooms (HABs) in the near future are expected. Avoid swimming, boating, or even just cooling off in waters with any algae. Read on...
  2. Thumbnail image of Madison County&#39s Lyme Disease Health Profile Cover

    Lyme Disease in Madison County

    Lyme disease has increased over the last 14 years. According to the CDC in 2015, 95% of confirmed Lyme Disease cases were reported from just fourteen states, including New York. Learn more about Lyme Disease
  3. Madison County MapPLainBlue

    Monthly Disease Surveillance Report

    Check out the latest disease surveillance report. Read on...
  4. photo of opioids

    Madison County Forum with Panel of Experts Provide Insight into the Opioid Epidemic

    “This has been a growing epidemic for the past 20 years,” said Eric Faisst, public health director in the Madison County Department of Health. “We know this is affecting our community in many ways.” Read on...
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