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  1. Coronavirus COVID 19

    Madison County Health Department Explains Quarantine and Isolation Procedures for COVID-19

    NYS Department of Health has criteria in place for county health departments to determine who to place into quarantine & isolation, as well as when these individuals may be released from quarantine & isolation. MCDOH follows the NYS guidelines. Read on...
  2. Photo of 4 Madison County Health Department Nurses

    Madison County Health Department Recognizes Staff This National Nurses Week

    This year’s recognition for National Nurses Week looks a lot different than in year’s past. Read on...
  3. Forces of Change Community Assessment Engagement Meeting

    2020 Madison County Community Health Improvement Plan

    Madison County Health Department released the 2020 Madison County Community Health Improvement Plan. Read on...
  4. Madison County MapPLainBlue

    Disease Surveillance Report

    Check out the latest data on this year's flu season in Madison County, the State, and in the U.S. Read on...
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