Gun Dealer/Gunsmith Application

The Madison County Sheriff's Office conducts the background investigation required of all gun dealer/gunsmith applications. The  gun dealer/gunsmith permits are issued by the Madison County Court Judge. 

Applications are free of charge and may be printed via the link below or picked up during normal business hours.

For your convenience, the PDF documents may be saved to your computer and filled in electronically then printed for signatures and brought to your appointment, or you may print the forms blank and fill in manually.


Madison County Gun Dealer/Gunsmith Application

The total, non-refundable fee of $108.25 ($88.25 DCJS fingerprint fee + $20.00 processing fee) is due at the time of application submission and are all payable directly to the Madison County Sheriff's Office by cash, money order, or credit card.  4% surcharge (minimum $1.00) applies to credit card payments.

Upon approval of your pistol permit application a $5.00 filing fee is payable to Madison County Clerk and a $10.00 new permit fee is payable to Madison County Sheriff's Office.

Those currently licensed as a gun dealer/gunsmith must renew their license every 3 years, and reapply every 6 years.  The 3 year renewal does not require fingerprinting so the $88.25 fee does not apply in that instance.