Making changes to your pistol permit

All changes/modifications to your pistol permit are accomplished by visiting the Madison County Sheriff's Pistol Permit Office and completing an amendment.

Pistol Permit Amendments:
All amendments to your permit must be made in person to the Madison County Sheriff's Pistol Permit Office. Any requests made directly to the County Court will not be honored or acted upon. These include requests to add, change or remove restrictions, adding or removing weapons from your permit, address changes and moving to another county or surrendering your permit.

If you are requesting to remove restrictions from your license, when you make application you must also include the letter requesting unrestricted permit (PDF).  Only this version of a letter requesting unrestricted carry will be allowed.

If you are requesting an amendment to allow for carry while at work, your employer must complete the letter requesting authorization to carry at work (PDF). Only this version of a letter for carry at employment will be allowed.

A fee applies for all amendments.