Delphi Falls Park

Updated August 16, 2023

** Phase I is now COMPLETE and we're thrilled to announce that the Upper Falls Rim Trail is OPEN to the public!

But remember, while we celebrate this achievement, the journey is not over. As we dive into Phase II, the Lower Falls will remain closed to ensure safety and precision. Your patience will be rewarded with even more breathtaking views in the future. **

Check out this great drone video that takes you up the new Rim Trail and gives you a birds eye view of Delphi Falls.

Phase II Expansion:

Construction on Phase II began August 14, 2023 and is expected to be complete in the Summer of 2024. More improvements will be made which include:

  • Removing the residential home and barn from the property.  Unfortunately the house would cost too much to make ADA compliant.  
  • In place of the residential home will be a new conference center, public restrooms, visitor center and public patio area.  
  • The new building will be able to be used for conferences, events and more.

To find out more about the Phase II construction and future of Delphi Falls County Park check out this video. 

Delphi Falls County Park, opened to the public in August 2018, contains two waterfalls, a house, a barn and surrounding woodland. Currently, the falls are accessible for viewing from the bottom via a newly created stone dust path. There is parking just inside the gate, with three ADA accessible spots up by the barn. Long term, the park will take a number of years to fully develop, but with the progress made so far, we are excited to welcome you to enjoy this beautiful new public place!  

Please Note:

Presently, Delphi Falls County Park is under development and there are no facilities onsite available for reservation.  Madison County encourages using the falls as a location for taking wedding and special event photo’s, but please be aware that it is a public facility and there are likely to be people present at many times.  We are working to develop a plan for the park that hopefully includes looking into how the Park may be used for weddings and other special events.  We hope to have additional facilities and amenities developed over the next two years. 

We also want to let you know that Madison County has two other beautiful parks that do have pavilions and facilities available for hosting weddings, graduation parties, family gatherings, and more.  These facilities are available for reservation after January 1st of each year.  Details for Nichols Pond Park can be found here and details for Oxbow Falls can be found here.  A calendar is available for each park that can be checked for available dates.  Please call the Madison County Planning Department (315-366-2376) to reserve facilities at one of these parks or if you have additional questions.  Thank you!

Enjoy the video below (Courtesy of and please see the map and Park rules for additional information.  Delphi Falls Park is located at: 2006 Cardner Road, New Woodstock, NY.

Delphi Park Rules                

Phase 1 Expansion:

Construction on the Phase 1 improvements to Delphi Falls County Park began on July 12, 2022 and was completed in August 2023. These improvements will be constructed by Upstate Companies LLC and include:

  • New parking lotDelphi Falls Park rendering-poster
  • Permanent restrooms
  • ADA overlook of the lower falls
  • New entrance sign
  • Bridge connecting the new parking lot to the falls trail - this was generously donated by the Allen Family.
  • Rim trail providing access to the upper falls and several overlooks

The total project cost for these improvements is $1.3 million, with, $1 million of that coming through State grants. A New York State Parks Grant and SAM/DASNY Grant from Senator Rachel May pay out $500,000 each. 

Madison County thanks you for your patience as the park is under construction.  Madison County is excited to provide new activities and enhance this already wonderful park.  For more information check out our press release