High resolution prints and/or a digital image of each map can be purchased by contacting the Madison County Clerk's Office at 315-366-2261.

Map sizes vary on the original print

Digital only-$25

Small-$25 (approximately 16x20)

Medium-$50 (approximately 24x36) 

Large-$50 (approximately 36x48)

Burleigh Panoramic Views
Lucien R Burleigh was an artist and lithographer in Troy, New York.  His firm produced hundreds of panoramic prints of the northeast. 

1838 Burr Map

David H. Burr was a cartographer, surveyor and topographer.  He held numerous federal positions including the official cartographer for the United States Post Office.

•  New York

1852 Hart Map
Henry Hart, a civil engineer and architect from Duane Park, NY surveyed and published this map.

​1853 Evans Map
​Gurdon Evans was the Principal of Teachers at the DeRuyter Institute when he canvassed the county and created the 1853 map.  According to advertisements the map was available for purchase, one for $5 or 5 for $20.  

1858 Clark Map
​Benjamin A. Clark was a civil engineer in Philadelphia, PA when he surveyed and produced this map.  

1859 Gilette Map
Jno E. Gillette was a publisher based in Philadelphia, PA.  He published this map based on surveys taken under the direction of J.H. French of Syracuse. 

1875 Beers Map
​Daniel G. Beers was a cartographer who operated D.G Beers & Co. based in Philadelphia, PA.  They published hundreds of maps across the country.

1889 Randall Map
​J.W. Vose & Co. of New York published this map based on the surveys of Walter F. Randall of Oneida, NY.  Randall served as the chief engineer for the development of the railroad between Syracuse and South Bay, among other engineering positions.  

1912 Clark Map
​Nelson H Clark of Munnsville published this map which featured all of the canals, railroads and highways.  The map was available for purchase for $2.50, schools could purchase the map for $1.25.