The Solid Waste facilities are operating on their normal schedule.
Click on each location for more information.

Transfer Station Hours:

6666 Buyea Road Residential Transfer Station:
Tuesday through Saturday (CLOSED MONDAYS)
7:10 AM to 3 PM

Cazenovia Transfer Station:
Friday and Saturday ONLY
7:10 AM to 3 PM

Hamilton Transfer Station:
Wednesday and Saturday ONLY
7:10 AM to 3 PM

Sullivan Transfer Station:
Friday and Saturday ONLY
7:10 AM to 3 PM

Landfill Facilities:

Scalehouse   (Day Use Permit Holders should allow time for unloading. Be on site by 2:15 PM)  Punch Cards are sold from 7 am - 2:45 pm at this location
Monday through Friday
7:10 AM to 3:15 PM
7:10 AM to 2:30 PM

ARC Recycling Center
Monday through Friday
7:10 AM to 3:15 PM (Be on site by 2:55 PM and unloaded by 3:10 PM)
7:10 AM to 11 AM (Be on site by 10:45 AM and unloaded by 10:50 AM)
Market pickups must be on site by 2 PM

Solid Waste Administrative Office 
Punch Cards are no longer sold at the Main Office. However, the Main Office is open to the public for general recycling and garbage inquiries.
6663 Buyea Road, Canastota
Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM

Where Can I Buy Punch Cards?
Residents can purchase punch cards from the Scale House (the next driveway over from the main office) or from designated local gas stations and businesses. 
To see a list of all of our local vendors who sell punch cards, please visit: www.madisoncounty.ny.gov/2468/Punch-Card-Vendors. Note that some local vendors may have reduced hours during this time. If possible, call ahead to the nearest punch card vendor to make sure they are open.

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2021 Fall Document Shredding Events!

In addition to the scheduled October shred event in Hamilton, the Madison County Department of Solid Waste has added another shred event in September at the Buyea Road Residential Station. Madison County residents can attend either event, details below: 

Saturday, September 25, 2021 from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Buyea Road Residential Station
6666 Buyea Road, Canastota NY

Saturday, October 16, 2021 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM 
Parry’s parking lot in Hamilton
100 Utica Street, Hamilton NY 

  • Residents can bring a maximum of four filing boxes per vehicle. Due to an anticipated high volume, the 4 box limit per vehicle will be enforced in order to ensure that all residents have a chance to shred their personal documents.  
  • Material should be loose in boxes or paper bags and easily accessible in the back of the vehicle. Empty boxes will be returned to the vehicle; please do NOT put items in plastic bags

Medical documents, bank information, tax records, and other paperwork containing account numbers or private details are ideal for drop off. Junk mail, magazines, phone books or other envelopes should go directly into the paper recycling bin. Business waste will not be accepted. 

Questions? Call the Dept. of Solid Waste Main Office at 315-361-8408.

2021 Shred Event Presentation  Flyers

2021 Punch Card Costs: $16.00/5 Punches

Effective January 1st, 2021, the price of punch cards will increase to $16 per card. 

Residents looking to dispose of garbage and non-recyclable materials at our transfer stations can purchase punch cards at the Scale House or at local gas stations and businesses around the county. Please note that our main office continues to be closed to the public. Each punch card has 5 punches on them with each punch being the equivalent of a 33 gallon can or bag. Recyclables including paper, cardboard, accepted plastic/metal/glass containers and scrap metal are free to drop off.

2020 punch cards and other previous cards with an expiration date will still be honored at the Transfer Stations. As of October 9 2018, punch cards will no longer have an expiration date. Instead, a "Please Use By" date will be printed on the card. We encourage you to use the cards ASAP. However, we do NOT give out refunds for unused punches. To see a complete list of punch card vendors, please visit: www.madisoncounty.ny.gov/2468/Punch-Card-Vendors

Used Motor Oil Program Update

Effective February 1, 2021, used motor oil will no longer be accepted at our transfer stations. To see a list of locations near each transfer station, check out this flyer.

Per NYS law, most vehicle service and vehicle retail businesses must accept used motor oil for recycling at no charge to the public. Call your local retailers or service centers for take-back programs and restrictions. These places include: Walmart Auto Care Center, NAPA Auto Parts, Advanced Auto Parts, O'Reilly Auto Parts and several other locations located across the county.

For more information, visit: Used Oil Recycling


Test Your Recycling Knowledge with our NEW Waste Sorting Game

The ’RePlay Game’  is a waste sorting game that allows the player to drag items into the appropriate location for recycling or disposal.  There are a total of five different sorting locations: a paper recycling bin, a containers recycling bin, a trash can, a yard waste depot and a special programs building for the harder to recycle items such as batteries and clothes. 

Once you finish a level, choose a reward to create your own unique park. If you finish all five levels, print out a certificate or replay the game to learn about other materials! Test your knowledge now.

Recycling Updates as of April 2019

Last year, we launched a new recycling campaign: 'Rethink Waste in Madison County.' The campaign includes new user friendly materials such as guides, magnets and a new search tool to highlight the current recycling program. To download the new resources, click here or visit our recycling page for information on what should and should not go in the recycling bins. As a reminder, all recyclables should be kept loose in the recycling bins, do not place recyclables in plastic bags. If you need a new recycling bin, please stop by our Main Office on Buyea Road.

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