Madison County uses a two-bin recycling system where paper products are placed into one bin and plastic/metal/glass containers are placed into another. 

  • Do NOT put recyclables in a plastic bag. Keep recyclables loose in the recycling bins. 

  • All recyclables must be empty, clean & dry.

  • Recycling bins are available for Madison County residents at our 4 transfer stations, when they are open.

Paper Bin:

Paper recyclables

Accepted Items in Your 'Paper' Recycling Bin: 

Newspaper & Inserts
Magazines & Catalogs
Non-Metallic Greeting Cards/Wrapping Paper
Cereal Boxes & Dry Food Boxes
Product Boxes
Cardboard (flattened)
Telephone Books
Paper Bags
Gift Boxes
Paper Towel & Toilet Paper Tubes
Paper, Mail & Envelopes
Shredded Paper (put in paper bags)
Take-Out Pizza Boxes (grease is okay)
Other Boxboard

Not Accepted in Your 'Paper' Recycling Bin: 

Frozen, Refrigerated or Microwave Product Boxes
Soda & Beer Cartons/Carriers
Wax-Coated Corrugated Boxes
Folders or Spiral Books with Metal Parts
Anything Containing Foil, Metal or Plastic

Paper Cups
Milk or Juice Cartons
Carbon or Wax Paper
Paper Egg Cartons
Tissue Paper

Containers Bin:
Container Recyclables

Accepted in Your 'Containers' Recycling Bin: 

Plastic Bottles & Jugs with a neck such as:
  • Plastic Milk and Water Jugs
  • Soap and Detergent Bottles
  • Water Bottles
  • Deposit Bottles
Plastic Yogurt & Dairy Tubs
Glass Bottles & Jars
Aluminum Cans
Aluminum Foil
Aluminum Plates or Trays
Metal Food Containers & Metal Lids
Empty Aerosol Cans

Not Accepted in Your 'Containers' Recycling Bin: 

Plastic Clamshell Containers
Plastic Bags and other Films
Plastic Toys, Buckets or Pails
Partially or Full Containers
Ceramic or Crystal houseware
Plastic Take-Out Containers
Plastic Cups, Straws & Lids
Bottles that contained hazardous products
Pots and Pans
Light Bulbs
Black Plastic
Any other Plastics 
Scrap Metal Items
Window or Auto Glass

Can I recycle plastic items that have a #1-7 on them?

Unfortunately, not all plastics can be recycled in our program. In an effort to educate the public on what plastics can and cannot be recycled, we have moved our messaging away from using the #1-7 symbols. These numbers reflect the type of plastic used to make a product and does not mean that an item can be recycled. Instead, our messaging focuses on the shape of the material such as plastic bottles/jugs that have a "neck" or taper at the top and plastic dairy tubs. Several other communities have moved away from the number messaging as well in order to limit contamination in their recycling stream.

Changes Effective April 2019:

Plastic bags, textiles and pots/pans are no longer accepted in recycling bins. Residents can still recycle these materials at various locations throughout the county. For specific disposal/recycling information, type the name of the item in our search tool.