Sharps Disposal

Never put sharps in the trash or recycling bin! 

Proper disposal of medical syringes at home can prevent injury, illness and pollution. Madison County's Safe Syringe Disposal Program makes syringe disposal easy and safe by providing special plastic containers for used medical syringes.

Bio-hazard sharps containers are FREE at all Madison County Pharmacies and at any of our transfer stations.

How to use your red container:

  1. Do NOT cap, remove or bend needles
  2. Drop used syringe, with needle pointing down, into the container
  3. For insulin pens, twist the needle off and place the needle in the red container. Put the empty pen in the trash. Absolutely no needles in the trash.
  4. Do NOT overfill the container
  5. When full, close and lock the safety lid. Tape shut.
  6. Drop off your full container at any of the following locations:

Crouse Community Center
101 South Street, Morrisville
(315) 684-9595

Community Memorial Hospital
Building Service Office
150 Broad St, Hamilton
(315) 824-6565

Oneida Health Care Center
Classroom A, 1st floor
Route 5, Genesee St., Oneida
(315) 363-6000

The Grand at Chittenango
331 Russell St., Chittenango
(315) 687-7255

Call for hours and days of operation.


Drop off your filled sharps container at any of our transfer stations: 
Buyea Road Residential Station
Cazenovia Transfer Station
Hamilton Transfer Station
Sullivan Transfer Station

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