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Before You RECYCLE...

REDUCE & RETHINK the amount of material requiring disposal:

REUSE as much as possible:

  • Plastic containers can be reused for food storage, glass jars for nail, tacks, etc.
  • Reuse wrapping paper, plastic bags, boxes and lumber
  • Donate outgrown clothes to friends or local charities. For more information on how to reduce waste from clothing, check out this blog on selling, donating and upcycling your old clothes!
  • Try to repair before you consider replacement of lawn mowers, tools, vacuum cleaners, TVs
  • Donate broken appliances to Goodwill industries, a local rescue mission or charity, or find out if a nearby vocational school can use them for parts or to have students practice repairing them
  • Offer furniture and household items no longer needed to college students and friends, or donate to charity
  • Bring reusable bags to the grocery store
  • Reuse your yard waste. Yard waste can be a great fertilizer and there are several ways to recycle your yard waste and to keep it out of the landfill. Check out this article on recycling & composting yard waste to learn more.

COMPOST your food waste! Check out these helpful links to learn how to compost at home:

Other Resources:

Car Donation Organizations:

Junked vehicles can be brought to Auto Salvage Yards or given to Vehicle Donation Organizations such as: