Residential Waste Permits

Residential Waste Permits are available at each transfer station. Residents will be required to fill out a quick form and should bring a proof of residence (such as a piece of mail) to confirm that they live within Madison County. These permits are free and should be placed on their vehicle.

Residential Waste Permit Requirements:

  • Residents collecting, transporting or disposing of their own Solid Waste and/or Recyclables will be required to obtain a free Resident Waste permit. Such permit shall be displayed on the rear window of the delivery vehicle and shall be valid for the duration of the residence of such individual, or ownership of such vehicle by such individual, whichever is shorter.
  • Resident Waste Permits shall be available and are required for passenger cars, vans, station wagons, and pickup trucks (up to 1-ton Capacity). All other vehicles must be registered under the provisions applicable to a Commercial Waste Permit or Special Waste Permit. The Department, at its sole discretion, may require any vehicle, regardless of type or size, transporting Solid Waste and/or Recyclables for compensation paid to the owner or operator, to comply with the provisions applicable to a Commercial Waste Permit or Special Waste Permit.
  • Resident Waste permit holders shall strictly comply with all rules and regulations prescribed by the Department.
  • All material must be source separated per County Recycling law.
  • Asbestos, hazardous wastes (as defined by NYS and Federal Regulations), liquids (including motor oil, and wet cell batteries) are prohibited. Ask attendant about recycling of wet cell (auto) batteries, motor oil, and automotive antifreeze.
  • Hot ashes are prohibited.
  • Yard waste is prohibited from going into the landfill. Composting is available at all four transfer stations. 
  • It is illegal to remove any material or items from the transfer stations or landfill.
  • The importation (from another county) of solid waste for the purpose of disposal within Madison County is strictly prohibited.
  • Violation of any rule or regulation may result in fines and/or restricted use of the facility.
  • All vehicles used in the collection, transportation, and/or disposal of solid waste and/or recyclables must be constructed as to prevent leakage in transit. The vehicle must be wholly enclosed or shall be kept covered with an adequate cover. Operation of vehicles shall be done in such a manner as to prevent spilling or loss of contents.