2023 Punch Card Schedule

2023 Punch Card cost is $20.00/5 Punches

Residents can buy punch cards at the Landfill Scalehouse, village and town clerk offices, and other local businesses throughout Madison County. To find a vendor near you, click here. To see the Day Use tipping fees at the Scalehouse, click here.

Recyclables -- No Charge 
    Paper & Cardboard

    Plastic, Metal, Glass Containers
    Scrap Metal 
    Automobile & Household Batteries 
    Compact Fluorescent Bulbs and Tubes

Yard Waste 

    Residential -- No Charge (up to a certain size)
    Commercial, Buyea Road ONLY -- $25 per ton   
Household Garbage
    Per 33 gallon bag - 1 Punch
    Weigh in at the Scalehouse - $132/ton

Construction & Demolition Debris          
    Per 33 gallon bag - 1 Punch
    Weigh in at the Scalehouse - $132/ton

Bulky Waste
    Passenger Vehicle Tires (maximum of 4 tires per visit) - 1 Punch Each 
    5 or more & Oversized Tires, Scalehouse - $200/ton
    Mattresses or Box Springs (each)
        King or Queen - 3 Punches
        Double - 2 Punches
        Twin - 1 Punch
    Antifreeze - 1 Punch/2gallons (limit of 4 gallons per visit)
    Refrigeration Units - 5 Punches
    Propane Tank (20 lbs) - 1 Punch
    Oversized Tree Waste/Stumps, 
Scalehouse - $35/ton

For other bulky items, the number of punches is based on the size. Please see an attendant for more information.

The above fees are applicable to residents only. All loads must be tarped. Out of county waste will not be accepted.