Foster & Adoptive Homefinding

Foster and adoptive homes are recruited to meet the needs of children who require either a temporary or permanent placement outside their birth family’s home. The Homefinding unit recruits, trains, and certifies foster and adoptive families and provides casework counseling services to foster/adoptive parents.

Foster Home Purpose

After a child is placed in a foster home, our first goal is to reunite the child with his/her birth family by addressing the reasons why the child entered foster care. If returning the child to his or her parents is not possible, then the child is freed for adoption and we seek out an appropriate adoptive family who would like to give the child a permanent home. Many of our foster parents opt to adopt the children that they have cared for after they have been freed for adoption. Madison County Department of Social Services is committed to ensuring that every child has a safe, permanent, stable, and loving home.


Consequently, our home finding and adoption caseworkers are an integral component of foster care work. These caseworkers recruit, train and certify foster and adoptive families. All foster and adoptive parents are required to complete a ten week program called MAPP (Model Approaches to Partnership in Parenting). The training is provided by staff of this department.

For further information as to how to become a foster or adoptive parent, please call 315-366-2548.