Websites for Coping

Many apps and websites have added free resources during this time. 
Here are a few options to explore:

"New Yorkers can get free meditation and mindfulness resources through Headspace."

Calm Together
"We’ve handpicked some of our favorite meditations, sleep stories, movement exercises, journals, and music. All of the resources on this page are free to use, and to share. May they bring you, and those around you, peace."

Care For Your Coronavirus Anxiety (A Project by Shine)
"Resources for anxiety and your mental health in a global climate of uncertainty."

21 Day Meditation Experience (Oprah & Deepak)
"Find hope in uncertain times. Harness strength. Find peace. Create connection. 

Ten Percent Happier: Coronavirus Sanity Guide
"In times like these, we need practical, actionable ways of coping with stress, fear, and anxiety. The meditations, podcasts, blog posts, and talks on this page will help you build resilience and find some calm amidst the chaos."

Resources will be added and updated periodically. For a more resources, please visit Broome County’s COVID-19 resources page (Please be aware that some resources are local to their county):