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If you receive a positive COVID-19 test from either a healthcare provider, clinic or at-home test, Madison County Health Department or New York State Contact Tracers will not reach out to you.  We ask that you follow the directions on isolation here

Free rapid Antigen COVID-tests for at-home use - Federal Mail Order

Testing Sites Near You 

Page updated May 19, 2022

Contact your insurance carrier and provider before being tested to confirm you will not be responsible for any fees associated with your test. 

WellNow Urgent Care (109 Genesee St, Oneida, NY 13421 and other locations in surrounding counties)

Walgreens (Locations in the City of Oneida in Madison County, and multiple locations in Onondaga and Oneida Counties) 

  • Free testing to those eligible, ages 3 and older, with or without symptoms. 
  • Drive-thru rapid 2-hour Molecular testing and PCR testing availability varies by location - PCR results generally expected in 48 hours.
  • Days and hours for testing vary by location
  • Appointment required. Schedule an appointment at the closest participating store near you: 

Kinney Drugs  (Locations in Madison, Onondaga and Oneida Counties)

  • Free testing to those eligible, with or without symptoms.
  • PCR testing (NOT rapid) - results expected typically in 48-72 hours; rapid antigen results are expected within 2 hours; and rapid molecular results are expected within 24 hours
  • Click the location to check the weekly testing schedule: Bridgeport l Chittenango l Hamilton l other testing locations
  • Appointment required. Schedule an appointment at the closest participating store near you: 

Dougherty Pharmacy (Morrisville and Hamilton)

  • At this time they are not submitting for reimbursement to insurance plans for rapid COVID tests.  You may submit your receipts to your health insurance directly. Test fees are listed on their pharmacy website.
  • Same-day rapid test results. Days and hours for testing vary by location.
    • Rapid antigen testing available in both locations
    • Rapid molecular testing available in both locations
  • Appointment required. Schedule an appointment at the closest participating store near you:

Rite Aid (Locations in Onondaga and Oneida Counties)
(Offering at-home antigen tests online and in-store for purchase, most insurance covers up to 8 tests per month with no copay and/or no-cost drive-thru PRC tests)

  • Free testing to those eligible, ages 4 and up, with or without symptoms.
  • Drive-thru PCR testing (NOT rapid) - results generally expected in 2 to 7 days
  • Days and hours for testing vary by location
  • Appointment required. Complete a pre-screening and schedule an appointment at the closest participating store near you:

Urgent Care (164 Broad St, Hamilton, NY - next to Community Memorial Hospital)

  • Must call ahead to set up – 315-648-6411
  • Tests will be administered to those who display symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19. Must meet criteria - Testing patients that are seeking care as an inpatient or outpatient surgery.

Quick Care (a service of Oneida Health at 357 Genesee St, Oneida, NY 13421)

  • For those who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, an in person or virtual clinical evaluation is required before receiving a COVID-19 test.  Please call Quick Care at – 315-363-2123
  • For those who are non-symptomatic seeking a COVID-19 test, Quick Care offers a limited number of self-scheduled COVID-19 testing appointments. Please visit

Upstate Medical University COVID-19 Testing locations

As of April 1, 2022, you will receive a bill for COVID testing if your insurance does not cover the test.

Please contact your insurance company to ensure your test is still covered. The charge for a COVID-19 PCR test is $213. For information on financial assistance, please call 315-464-8050 or visit

Syracuse Community Health Center (819 S. Salina Street, Syracuse)

See also, test sites in Oneida County

Use the COVID-19 Test Site Finder to search for other area testing sites. 

What about at home testing?

Your local pharmacy may now offer over-the-counter COVID-19 tests for purchase. 

Know the differences:
  • At-home Rapid Antigen test kits - typically personal use only at home 
    • This test typically does not provide a documented test result and may not meet travel-related testing requirements. 
    • If you have a positive home test, you may consider a follow-up antigen or PCR test from a healthcare provider to confirm. 
    • If you would need paperwork for a positive at-home test please click here.
  • At-home PCR test kits - mail-out your test to be analyzed by a lab 
    • This test typically provides a documented test result and may meet travel-related testing requirements.