Business Citations for COVID-19 Regulation Violations

According to New York State Public Health Law, effective October 7, 2020, section 2.60 states "All local health officers shall take such steps as may be necessary to enforce the provisions of Subpart 66-3 in accordance with the Public Health Law and this Chapter."

When Madison County receives complaints and concerns from members of our community about small businesses and the big box stores not requiring employees or their patrons to wear masks, they are followed up on by a member of the Madison County Health Department.

The Madison County Health Department makes an extensive effort to work with local businesses and educate them on the executive order and best practices. Fining our local businesses is a last resort and we do our best to work with them. However, when businesses have been educated and continue to not enforce the rules with their employees, we must to comply with the New York State Public Health Law, as referenced above. 

Madison County has received multiple complaints on the businesses listed below for non-compliance of the New York State Public Health Law. They have been properly educated on the Law and best practices and continued to not enforce the rules with their employees. It is also an employer's responsibility to compel it's patrons to wear a mask. 

The Madison County Health Department has been put into a position to fine the following businesses:

Business Location Violation Fine Date Fined
Troyer's Country Store Cazenovia, NY COVID-19 Regulations $500 10/8/2020
Cone Masters Munnsville, NY COVID-19 Regulations $500 10/8/2020
Lowe's Oneida, NY  COVID-19 Regulations $500 10/22/2020
Blanding Hardware Bridgeport, NY COVID-19 Regulations  $500 10/22/2020
Mastronardi Produce, Ltd., c/o Green Empire Farms Oneida, NY COVID-19 Regulations $500 11/12/2020
Earley Farm and Hardware, Inc.  Madison, NY COVID-19 Regulations  $500 11/19/2020
The Country Peddler Hubbardsville, NY COVID-19 Regulations $500 11/30/2020
Fisher Bay Restaurant Bridgeport, NY COVID-19 Regulations $500 11/30/2020
Nina's Pizzeria Chittenango, NY COVID-19 Regulations $500 12/18/2020