Transferring Plates to New/Used Vehicle

If you are a Madison County resident you do not need an appointment to come to the Wampsville DMV.  If you are an out of county resident please make an appointment OR send the following to PO Box 667 Wampsville, NY 13163 OR put it in our 24/7 BLUE drop box in the parking lot.

Must Be Included:

1)  A photo copy of your driver’s license

2)  A completed MV-82   (sections 1,2,4 and sign section 6) 

a.    Please complete page 3 the credit card authorization- we will charge your credit/debit card

b.    Be sure to put your plate number in SECTION 1- top right corner

3)   DTF 802 (Sections 1, 2, 3, & 5) 

4)  Bill of Sale

5)  The actual Title, signed by the seller and by you (Not a copy)

6)  FS-20 Insurance card (with bar code) This can be email to

7)   Your phone number- we will call you when it’s done- OR you can include $5 (cash or check payable to Madison County Clerk) for postage and we will mail you the plates.

We will not know the amount until we process the transaction.  You can estimate the cost as follows:

     8% for sales tax

     $50 Title fee

     $?? Possible addition registration fee based on weight

     $10 transfer fee

At least $60 plus sales tax