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  1. Firearm Activity 9-9-20_1

    Bail Reform Press Conference - Firearm Related Crime Activity

    Today, 10/21/20, Assemblyman Salka held a press conference with Sheriff Hood at Madison County to introduce a bill to repeal bail reform. Read on...
  2. Police Reform and Reinvention Collaboration

    Police Reform & Reinvention Collaborative

    The New York State Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative asks local police agencies to actively engage with stakeholders in the local community and have locally-approved plans for the strategies, policies and procedures of local police agencies. Read on...
  3. CRASE flyer
  4. Accredidation
  5. CSSC age raise
  6. Sheriff Summer Camp
  7. 2019 youth hunt 1
  8. Sheriff Speaking
  9. lobby day
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