D.A.D.S of Madison County


                      Dependable. Approachable. Dedicated. Self-aware. (D.A.D.S.)

                                                                 Be the DADS your children deserve.

Open to all men that are fathers or father figures. No cost to participate.

D.A.D.S of Madison County is a men’s parenting, support and personal development group for fathers and father figures. Offering encouragement, edification, and education on becoming the best fathers, partners, and community members we can be. Through transparency and vulnerability, we learn from each other in a safe space to share and grow as men.

We explore, and gain an understanding of our attitudes toward parenting, family, relationships, and life. We work on developing critical thinking and decision-making skills and equipping ourselves with skill sets to become more confident and competent fathers, partners, and leaders of our community.

The group focuses on the importance of being HEALTHY fathers and father figures. Holding ourselves, and each other, accountable with no judgement, we will become the best DADS we can be.

Topics covered in this 14-week program will include: Parenting, Boyhood, Manhood, Fatherhood, Communication Skills, Healthy Relationships, Conflict Resolution, Problem Solving, Co-Parenting, Adverse Childhood Effects (ACES), and more.

Currently running two 14-week groups per year as well as a 6-week daytime summer refresher/introduction to the 24/7 DAD program.

To register for this group, or for more info please contact:

Wayne Perkins 315-366-2252/315-897-0486 or James Norrs 315-366-2536/315-897-0630

The group helps; gives me peace of mind, direction, and just great to have different minds come together as we are all the same.  It’s hard to talk to some people, but the group makes it very easy with no judgment.  Thanks to you Wayne, James, and the whole group!  Appreciate you having me!
 ~ Rob H. 

I was skeptical at first, as many men tend to be. Through the guidance of the facilitators I almost immediately saw the benefits of the program. I have now participated in three groups. It’s been a great experience for not only my own personal transformation but also seeing the progress and growth of my fellow fathers in the program.
~ Greg S.

...I’m pretty well known around town and I try to approach life with respect and compassion for those around me, however sometimes throughout my journey I forget to focus on those closest to me. I’m far from a 'bad dad' so I was stubborn to attend a class that felt like it was classifying me so. I soon realized that none of us in there are 'bad dads', but rather struggling parents just trying to survive through the adaptations of life, parenthood and adulthood alike. There are certain guys in the group that have really paralleled stories to mine and it helps guide me a little as well as remind me that like so many other things in life, when you struggle with something you are never alone. I also find a humbling feeling knowing that others in the group were able to take from the stories and experiences that I’ve shared with myself and my children.  Since attending the group I’ve noticed myself working on my stance while communicating with my kids and community members alike. Thanks Wayne, for your role in getting me to attend I wouldn’t have done it without you. 
 ~ Jeremy E.

This group has completely changed my outlook on a lot of situations for the better. It has helped build up and soften my communication skills, helped form better bonds with others, and taught me how to handle situations in the right positive manner.
~ Alan M. 

What the D.A.D.S. group has done for me is made me a better version of myself for my kids.  I have learned so much and I hope to continue with the D.A.D.S group.
 ~ Dan S.