D.A.D.S of Madison County


                      Dependable. Approachable. Dedicated. Steadfast. (D.A.D.S.)

                                                                 Be the DADS your children deserve.

D.A.D.S of Madison County is a men’s parenting, support and personal development group for fathers and father figures. Offering encouragement, edification, and education on becoming the best fathers, partners, and community members we can be. Through transparency and vulnerability, we learn from each other in a safe space to share and grow as men.

We explore, and gain an understanding of, our attitudes toward parenting, family, relationships, and life. We work on developing critical thinking and decision-making skills and equipping ourselves with skill sets to become more confident and competent fathers, partners, and leaders of our community.

The group focuses on the importance of being HEALTHY fathers and father figures. Holding ourselves, and each other, accountable with no judgement, we will become the best DADS we can be.

Topics covered in this 14-week program will include: Parenting, Boyhood, Manhood, Fatherhood, Communication Skills, Healthy Relationships, Conflict Resolution, Problem Solving, Emotional Maturity, Co-Parenting, Love Languages and more.

Groups typically run on Thursdays from 6:00-8:00 PM, mid-January to mid-April as well as mid-August to mid-November.

To register for this group, or for more info please contact:

Wayne Perkins 315-366-2252/315-897-0486 or James Norrs 315-366-2536/315-897-0630