Healthy Homes

Conditions in your home may cause or contribute to health conditions and impact health at any age. We can help you identify and understand home hazards that may be impacting your health and what you can do.

Healthy Homes of Madison County is a FREE health and safety checkup and education program for Madison County residents.

The program addresses six main concerns:

  1. Fire Prevention and Safety
    Is there a working smoke detector with a battery? Is there a fire extinguisher? What other conditions may be a fire safety concern?
  2. Managing Asthma Attacks and Pest Control
    Did you know asthma can be controlled? Does the home have pets or an insect infestation? Are there pillow and mattress covers? Do you know what simple steps may reduce asthma triggers?
  3. Preventing Lead Poisoning
    If a home was built before 1978, the paint may have lead in it. Does a child in the home have a high lead blood test?
  4. Cigarette Smoking Education and Cessation
    A combination of harmful gases and particles are released in the air when someone smokes in a room. Do you know where to start to quit?
  5. Indoor Air Quality
    Has a home been tested for radon gas? Are furry pets in a home? Is there a musty, damp, or chemical smell in a home?
  6. Injury Prevention
    Slips, trips, and falls at home are common. Are there night lights? Are stairs in good repair? Do you know how a home can be made safer and resources to help?

How the Program Works

The Healthy Homes program offers free in-home visual health and safety check-ups (assessments), education, supplies, and referrals to Madison County residents.

This is NOT a home repair or enforcement program.

Request Program Services

Home visits are conducted by trained Public Health staff specializing in education of Healthy Homes topics.

This program is funded by the New York State Department of Health five-year Healthy Neighborhoods Grant, awarded to Madison County Public Health.

Updated April 28, 2023