Welcome to Personnel/Civil Service

 Applications can now be processed online. Use the "Employment" button on the left for more information.  Postponements and changes to exams will be communicated via website, facebook, email, mail or phone.

We are a multidisciplinary office providing civil service administration, labor relations, and other employment services.

       Civil Service Administration 

If you're seeking a position at the local government level, this is the place to discover possibilities in Madison County. There is a large diversity of positions with various minimum qualifications. Civil Service examinations are administered throughout the year for competitive class positions. In order to be eligible for a particular exam, one must meet the minimum qualifications. The process involves obtaining an application, completing it and filing it in our department postmarked no later than 5:00 p.m. on the last filing date. Only original applications are accepted. If you meet the qualifications, you should expect to receive an admission letter approximately one week prior to the date of the exam. The bulletin board outside of our office lists the upcoming exams and postings of vacancies in the County. Positions may also be advertised in the local newspapers.

       Labor Relations

The Department negotiates and administers the County's collective bargaining agreements. The County has agreements with the following employee unions:

  • CSEA White Collar Unit,
  • CSEA Blue Collar Unit,
  • Teamsters Local 294,
  • Madison County Deputy Sheriff's Police Benevolent Association
  • New York State Nurses Association


The Department prepares personnel policies and procedures, conducts County orientations, employee recognition programs and NYS Retirement Seminars as well as many other personnel functions.

       Employee Health and Safety

The Department administers the County's Worker's Compensation program, and oversees all required safety policies, procedures and training.