Harm Reduction (Naloxone)

Harm reduction refers to a broad range of public health policies and practices designed to lessen the negative effects of human behaviors, both legal and illegal. Day-to-day behaviors that reduce risk include wearing a seat belt while driving in a car or using sunscreen when going outside.

When it comes to substance use, harm reduction is an evidence-based approach that saves lives and decreases potential harms for individuals and the larger community.

Strategies include: 

  • Access to naloxone (NARCAN®)
  • Designated sober driver
  • Safe disposal of unused medications and sharps
  • Access to fentanyl test strips
  • Syringe exchange programs

Please reach out to BRiDGES at 315-697-3947 for NARCAN® training & kits, medication disposal, and fentanyl test trips. 

Please visit the ACRHealth website for more information about syringe exchange programs in our area: https://www.acrhealth.org/syringe-exchange/

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