County Policies

Video Recording Policy (Adopted 04.12.2022)

Due to the sensitive nature of the information and paperwork handled in the Madison County office complex, to best ensure the privacy of those seeking assistance, it is the policy of Madison County that members of the public are not permitted to audiotape, videotape, livestream, or take still photographs in any of the Madison County Offices or conference rooms without prior authorization. Any individual who violates this policy will be asked to leave the premises.

Public Access to Naloxone (Adopted 06.14.2022)

It is the policy of Madison County to aid any person(s) who may be suffering from an apparent opioid overdose. Employees trained in accordance with the policy shall make every reasonable effort, to include the use of naloxone, combined with calling 911 and administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and/or rescue breaths, to the victim of any apparent drug overdose.