Suspicious Activity/Threat Referral

Madison Threat Advisory Council (MTAC)

The Madison County Sheriff's Office has partnered up with various agencies from across the county to develop our own Threat Assessment and Management (TAM) Team. TAM teams are multi-disciplinary groups that help identify, assess, and mitigate potential threats, to include threats of domestic terrorism and/or other acts of targeted violence (e.g., hate crimes, school shootings, active shooters). The teams work collaboratively to share information to better understand relevant risk factors, and what resources might be available to address individuals displaying concerning behavior.

MTAC is available twenty-four/seven for calls concerning the potential for violence. All calls will be screened by the MTAC Coordinator to determine if they meet the need of a full threat assessment. If the call is not applicable to the need of MTAC, the Coordinator will advise and provide contact information for a more appropriate resource.

Click here to submit your referral or tip via our online form.  Call 315-367-1314

MTAC Coordinator
Krystyna Feola, Sergeant
Madison County Sheriff's Office
(315) 766-7356