Business Recovery COVID Relief Fund

Madison County has been awarded a $1,000,000 grant through the New York State Office of Community Renewal. This funding will provide grants up to $75,000 to local small businesses recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The grants are for Madison County small businesses with 25 or fewer employees and can be used for a variety of purposes to help small businesses mitigate the negative impacts of the pandemic on their business operations. Grants may not be used for construction and a 10 percent cash match is required.

Applicants with fewer than 5 employees may qualify if they are considered low or moderate income. All other applicants must create one or more jobs that are available to low- and moderate-income individuals.

Below you will find a short presentation summarizing the grant, detailed program guidelines, and an application form. 

The deadline for applications is April 3, 2023.

For information or questions, please contact Michael Zimmerman at or (716) 462-6600 or Jessica Geary at or (315) 366-2377. 

Presentation (please note you do not need a dropbox account to view the presentation)

Program Guidelines