Overdose SPIKE Alert

In the event there is a spike in our community this website will also be updated.  

Reduce Harm

When it comes to substance use, harm reduction is an evidence-based approach that saves lives and decreases potential harms for individuals and the larger community.

Harm reduction strategies include: 

  • Access to naloxone (NARCAN®)
  • Designated sober driver
  • Safe disposal of unused medications and medical syringes/needles
  • Access to fentanyl test strips
  • Syringe exchange programs

Please reach out to BRiDGES at 315-697-3947 for NARCAN® training & kits, safe medication disposal, and fentanyl test trips. 

Please visit the ACRHealth website for more information about syringe exchange programs in our area.  

Please visit the Madison County Solid Waste website for more information about safe syringe/needle disposal

Local Resources for Treatment & Recovery

The EndOD program is now available here in Madison County, thanks to a partnership between Madison County Public Health and Partnership to End Addiction

Join today by texting ENDODNY to 55753 and help protect our community!

This automated text messaging service provides real-time updates on overdose spikes in our community, health information, and local resources. SPIKE Alerts are based on data verified by local officials using ODMAP.  

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