Narcan (Naloxone) Training/Kits

Please visit the BRiDGES: Madison County Counsel on Alcoholism & Substance Absuse, Inc. website, view the video and complete the google form if you'd like to be train in administering Narcan (aka Naloxone) and receive a Narcan kit:

NARCAN & Opioid Overdose Prevention Program - BRiDGES (

"Opioid overdoses occur when there is an overwhelming amount of opioids in the body resulting in shallow or no breathing. When Narcan is administered it supports breathing until EMS arrives for further medical intervention. Narcan and Narcan training is provided to you free of charge by the Central Region Addiction Resource Center. Anyone who use opioids can experience an overdose at any time. When a person survives an opioid overdose, it’s because someone knew what was happening and how to take action."

You can also contact BRiDGES at 315-697-3947 for any other questions or interest in NARCAN® training & kits, medication disposal, and fentanyl test trips. 

Additionally, please visit the ACRHealth website for more information about syringe exchange programs in our area:


Please also see the Public Health Page regarding Harm Reduction/Narcan (Naloxone):