Obesity (Overweight)

The overweight and obesity epidemic represents one of the most serious health issues today. Obesity is associated with a reduced quality of life, adverse medical and psychological consequences, increased medical care and other economic costs, and premature death.

  • The percentage of New York State adults who are overweight or obese increased from 42% in 1997 to 59.5% in 2015.
  • The percentage of New York State adults who are obese increased from 16% in 1997 to 25.0% in 2015.
  • Obesity among children and adolescents has tripled over the past three decades. Currently, a third of New York's children are obese or overweight.

Factors including diet, physical inactivity, genetics, environment, social and health conditions all contribute to overweight and obesity in children and adults. The public health response requires a multi-faceted approach and variety of public/private partners working to address this issue together. The potential health benefits from reduction in the prevalence of overweight and obesity are of significant public health importance.

Obesity & Overweight Issue Profile

The updated profile serves as a current “call to action” to inspire agencies, employers, institutions and neighborhoods to recognize the importance of key preventive factors, especially nutrition and physical activity, by adopting one or more of the strategies outlined.

Click here to view the current and past obesity and overweight issue profiles.

Last reviewed April 28, 2023