Opioid Settlement Fund

Madison County, to date has been the recipient of $727,220.46 in opioid settlement funds to provide local addiction and mental health services.  Madison County decided to ask community organizations for Request for Proposals (RFPs) on programs and services that could use the funds to serve our community.  

To date, three programs have been approved by the Board of Supervisors to receive some of the funding: 

  1. Madison County Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, Inc (BRiDGES) for Harm Reduction Support will receive $80,000 in 2023 and $80,000 in 2024.  These funds will be used to employ a full-time staff person to conduct “train the trainer” trainings for Narcan, which will increase community access. As well as funds to cover distribution of Narcan kits and Fentanyl test strips. 
  2. Chenango Court Management, which is a property management company will receive $340,000 over 2 years. These funds will be used to provide safe and affordable housing to 17 vulnerable families in Madison County (approximately $20,000 per mobile home). Chenango Court Management will purchase and rehab mobile homes.  Once the home is complete it will be donated to the family, and the family will own the home and only be responsible for the $475 lot fee each month.  
  3. Stoneleigh Housing, Inc will receive $125,000 over 2 years for the Landlord Repair Fund.  This program will provide reimbursement for damages that landlords incur in their rentals that are above and beyond the normal wear and tear.  The caveat is that landlords will need to be renting to high risk/vulnerable individuals and families, and in order to participate in the program, they will need to insure that they will continue to do so after the repair.  Stoneleigh Housing will select the landlords who will be able to participate in the program, and will provide pre and post inspection of the repairs.  If you are interested in this grant, contact Stoneleigh Housing Inc. at 315-697-3737 or email at rnapoli@stone-rehab.com.

Additional programs and services are still being vetted.  Once there are updates on any of these programs we will update the public.