2024 Tentative Budget

Treasurer Cindy Edick presented the tentative 2024 County Budget to the Board of Supervisors on November 9, 2023.  The Tentative Budget provides a spending plan totaling $158,397,400, an increase of $17,266,950.  This substantial increase is largely due to the following: inflation, increase in State mandated costs, transition of programs from being financed by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to being incorporated into the annual budget, new support for EMS agencies within the County, employee salary increases, and a greater amount of sales tax revenue being shared with the towns and villages. 

Approximately half of the 12.2% increased spending plan is offset by revenue from sales tax, departmental income, and State Aid.  Most of the remaining increase is funded by an increase in the use of fund balance and reserves, and real property taxes.

Three New York State mandates - withholding of Medicaid funds, increases to rates for assigned counsel program, and increases in the NYS Retirement System - account for almost all of the proposed $3,997,800 increase in the real property tax levy.  If adopted, the 9.28% increase in the tax levy would be the highest percentage increase since 2005.  

This year's tentative budget is presented in two parts.  The first part is new and displays the total revenue, the total appropriations broken down by object of expenditure, and the net cost or net revenue for each department.  The second part consists of the budget report that has been used in the past, showing the individual accounts by fund and department.

Treasurer Cindy Edick's 2024 Budget Message 

The Madison County Board of Supervisors adopted the 2024 Budget on December 5, 2024.  

MADISON COUNTY- Budget tentative 2024