Prenatal Care

Pregnant women may apply for Medical Assistance through the New York State of Health Exchange or through the Maternal Health Center, 221 Broad Street, Oneida, New York, 315-363-5297. They are able to determine presumptive Medicaid eligibility and forward applications to the Medical Assistance unit at Madison County Department of Social Services.

Pregnant women who receive Medicaid are also eligible for the Family Planning Extension Program post-partum for two years.

Covered Services

  • Family planning services
  • Full healthcare for you until at least two months after delivery
  • Healthcare for your baby for at least one year after birth
  • Help in applying for other programs such as WIC and low or no cost health insurance for your children and family
  • HIV counseling and testing
  • Hospital care during pregnancy and delivery
  • Information about pregnancy, labor and delivery
  • Routine pregnancy medical check-ups, lab work, and access to specialists