Waiver Services

The "waiver" allows Medicaid to cover services not usually covered. These include:

  • Adaptive devices
  • Case management
  • Environmental modifications
  • Residential habilitation
  • Respite
  • Supported employment

The waiver allows Medicaid to treat children as "separate and apart" from their parents - we do not count parental income/resources. Waiver participants always need to be certified disabled (i.e., receiving Social Security Disability or have an approved AD (Aid to Disability).

Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP)

A Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program in which the consumer selects, hires and supervises their own staff. CDPAP services are intended to permit chronically ill or physically disabled individuals receiving homecare services greater flexibility and freedom of choice in obtaining such services.

Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP)

Do you or someone you know have a physical disability and need extra help with everyday activities? Wish you had the flexibility and freedom to choose, hire, train, and supervise the staff you invite into your home to care for you or your loved ones?

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) provides services to assist those who are chronically ill or have a physical disability and want to live at home, but need skilled nursing services and/or help performing everyday tasks.

CDPAP recognizes that you know your own needs better than anyone else does and you should be the person in charge of hiring, training, and supervising your own personal assistant(s). This flexible program provides you with the opportunity to hire your own caregivers, who can be anyone you believe to be the best fit for you and your needs. You will receive guidance and supervisor training, but the choice is yours.

Eligibility Requirements:

You must have Medicaid or be eligible for Medicaid and be eligible for Home Care Services as determined by your doctor.

  • You must be self-directing, which means you are able to
  • Make choices about the way you want to live;
  • Organize your environment to make these choices a reality;
  • Understand the consequences of your choices and accept responsibility for them;
  • Assume responsibility for managing your own personal needs.
  • If you unable to be self-directing, you may designate a representative who is willing and competent to act on your behalf.

Please call 315-366-2548 if you would like further information.