Bail & Bail Bonds


Cash bail can be posted at the Madison County Jail, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Photo identification is required when posting bail. No personal checks accepted.

Bail is forwarded by the facility to court of jurisdiction. The person posting bail most contact the court to collect the amount posted.

Credit card payment is accepted as cash bail. The following cards are accepted, MasterCard, Visa and Discover. The person posting bail will be directed to contact the credit card company (GPS) to make arrangements for bail. There is a fee for this service. The fee will be added to the credit card amount. Please ask the credit card company for the fee amount. Additional online pay services are listed:

Bail Bonds

Bail Bondsmen can be located in the yellow pages of your telephone directory. A bail bond is similar to an insurance policy. The person posting bail purchases a bond from a bail bondsman. The cost is usually 10% of the amount of bond amount set by the court. A list of bondsmen is provided below and may also be provided by the Control Tower Officer.


  • Tom Backus: 607-844-8649
  • Bill Cianciola: 315-622-2455
  • Mike Pepperine: 315-723-7426
  • Bob Waters: 315-446-1117