Traffic Ticket Diversion (Reduction) Information



The Madison County District Attorney’s Office is closed until further notice, but we are still processing Traffic Diversion Applications.  We cannot guarantee when or if the mail will be checked.  For certainty of a response, your requests for diversion (see instructions below) should be emailed to

Thank you!

*          You cannot presently pay online and any required administrative fees must be mailed in asper the directions provided after your acceptance into the Madison County Traffic Diversion program.  Personal checks are not accepted.  Please be sure to submit only the traffic diversion application along with a copy of your ticket (including, if it is a “fix it” ticket, proof that the equipment violation has been corrected), and, if you wish to speedy up the process, proof of the completion of a Defensive Driving Course taken after the issuance of your ticket(s).

**        It is your responsibility to enter a not guilty plea with the court and to obtain an adjournment of your case.  If you do not do so, you must personally appear on the date appearing on your ticket or scheduled by the court.  Filling out and sending in an application does not change your next scheduled court date.  Only the court can give you an adjournment date.  Please click on this link to see a listing of Madison County Courts and the telephone number for the Courts: 

***      Do not delay applying.  Even if accepted, there will be conditions that you will have to complete before your ticket is diverted or a reduction offer is made.  Any conditions must be completed before your next court date or you must obtain from the court a further adjournment. (See link above for Madison Court contact information.)  If you do not obtain a further adjournment, you must personally appear at your next court date.

****    “Fix it” tickets only require that you send in a copy of the ticket and proof the equipment violation has been fixed.  If that is the only ticket you received, the ticket will be dismissed.  If you have turned in the plates and disposed of the vehicle rather than having it fixed, you must submit proof of the surrender of your license plates or the sale/destruction of the vehicle.

If you are represented by an attorney or considering retaining an attorney:

An attorney represents your interests. The attorney will contact the District Attorney’s Office directly to resolve your ticket. Depending on your circumstances, the attorney can present all equities on your behalf and request an appropriate disposition of your ticket that can include the Traffic Diversion Program (even if you think you are ineligible). An attorney can also request waivers of certain program requirements such as the need to complete a defensive driving course. Usually, the attorney can do all this without the need for you to personally appear in court. Keep in mind that an attorney understands the system and how to navigate it successfully.

If you have an attorney, please have your attorney start the process by sending an email (without any attachments) to   The email should include in the subject line the name of the client, the court in which the ticket is pending, the type of ticket issued, and the ticket number.  The body of the email should be a request for diversion and any equities the attorney feels are appropriate.  The District Attorney’s Office will respond by email directly to the attorney with further instructions.

If you are not represented by an attorney:

  • You must complete and submit – either by mail or by email (with email the preferred method) – the Madison County Application for Traffic Diversion. This is the only form which should be submitted whether you are seeking diversion or a reduction and even if you think you are not eligible.
    • If your application is accepted, you will be notified by email of your acceptance into diversion, any conditions you must complete, the amount of the administrative fee, and the address to which you should send proof of the completion of any conditions (which includes the administrative fee).  
      • Once you have submitted proof of the completion of any conditions (including the administrative fee), an email will be sent to you and the Court that will serve as notice that your ticket has been diverted and the case should be dismissed.  Traffic Diversion results in the dismissal of your ticket with no additional fines or surcharges imposed by the Court or points assessed by the Department of Motor Vehicles.
        • If you reject the traffic diversion proposal, the Court will schedule your case for a trial at which time you must personally appear or the trial can proceed without you.
        • If you wish to accept the traffic diversion proposal but need more time to complete the conditions (which includes the administrative fee), it is your responsibility to contact the court for an adjournment.
    • If your application is not accepted, an alternative reduction proposal will be emailed to you and the Court that you can accept or reject.
      • If you accept the reduction offer, you can enter a plea by hitting “reply all” to the email sent to you to notify the Court and the District Attorney’s Office that you are accepting the proposal.
        • By accepting this proposal, you are agreeing that the “reply all” email is the equivalent of an original signed document accepting the reduction offer. The Court will then notify you of the fine and surcharge. This fine and surcharge must be paid before the Court will officially enter the reduction into its records and close your case.
      • If you reject the alternative reduction proposal, the Court will schedule your case for a trial at which time you must personally appear or the trial can proceed without you.
  • While exceptions are sometimes made in the sole discretion of the District Attorney’s Office, one of the usual requirements for participation in diversion or accepting a reduction offer is the completion online or in person of a New York State DMV approved Defensive Driving Course (DDC) (unless you live out of state or country – see below). 
    • To see a list of approved DDC providers and to learn about how completion of the DDC will remove points from your license and reduce your insurance rate, please review the following documents:
    • If you live out of state or out of country (such as Canada), and a Defensive Driving Course is required, you must complete a course online or in person that is offered in your state or country of residence. If you wish, you can try to complete one approved by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, however, you might run into an issue because you do not have a New York State driver identification number.
  • Before completing the Madison County Application for Traffic Diversion – PLEASE NOTE:
    • You should accurately and legibly complete the application.
      • It is strongly preferred that you submit the application by email since this will considerably speed up the process.
    • It is very important that you include an accurate email address.
      • If you do not have access to email, you must clearly indicate this on your application.
    • You should not complete a Defensive Driving Course prior to submitting your application.
      • If a Defensive Driving Course is required, that will be one of the conditions of diversion or reduction that will be included in the email sent to you.
    • You should not submit a DMV or equivalent Abstract of your driving history.
      • On the application, you will certify as to your driving history.  If an abstract is required, that will be one of the conditions of diversion or reduction that will be included in the email sent to you by the District Attorney’s Office.
    • You may, but are not required to, submit any explanations or equities that you feel are relevant to the District Attorney’s Office consideration of you application.

Completing and submitting the Madison County Application for Traffic Diversion:

  • Apply by Mail – Click here to download application that you can fill out, print, and mail to:
Traffic Diversion Program    
Madison County District Attorney’s Office
Veterans Memorial Building    
Wampsville, New York 13163