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Madison County DMV in Wampsville is OPEN to the Public:

  • Monday – 7:45 AM until 4:00 PM
  • Tuesday through Thursday – 7:45 AM until 5:00 PM
  • Friday - By appointment only.  Schedule an appointment by clicking here or by calling 315-366-3020.
  • The Blue Drop Box in the Parking Lot is still available.

Before you come, make sure you have everything you need.  Click here for a CHECKLIST.

Drop box Transactions:

A resident from any county can either visit our DMV in person or use our Big Blue Drop Box, to complete vehicle registrations, renewals or license renewals.  We will call for pick-up of completed work or mail to the customer when completed (approximately 5 day turnaround).  Click here for the CHECKLIST for most transaction types.

Which license or non-drive ID is right for me?
Standard, Real-ID or Enhanced

Welcome to the Wampsville DMV

At the Wampsville DMV, we give customers the most unexpected experience - a GREAT one! We work hard to provide fast, accurate, and friendly service. We are staffed to serve the public. Please drop off or mail trailer renewals with payment to PO Box 667 Wampsville NY 13163, to make sure 12.7%  of your fee stays in Madison County.  If you have an appointment to come into to our office to renew or upgrade your license to the "upgraded" Federally approved Driver ID, please visit to make sure you bring the correct documents with you on your first visit (hopefully the only visit you need), or check our quick reference list below.  We look forward to serving you!!! 

Every transaction conducted in our Wampsville Office retains 12.7% of the fees collected right here in Madison County.  Even registration renewals benefit your local property tax bottom line when done in our office. 
Our DMV clerks look forward to assisting you with testing, licensing, registration, and your other motor vehicle needs.

Madison County DMV Staff

Deputy: Diana Wilson
Supervisor: Mary Burkett

Senior MV Rep: Denise & Kim 

MV Rep: Eileen, Gail, Michael, Shelby, Kim, Amanda, Sandy, Christie, Candy, Colleen, Samantha Carroll and Dana

License Renewals- Enhanced Driver’s License (EDL) and REAL ID.

With new requirements for identification looming and hundreds of thousands of licenses up for renewal this year, there’s an unnecessarily high level of confusion and anxiety for the public. The following is a breakdown of key information.

         1- Starting October 1, 2020, a standard New York Driver’s License will NO LONGER be sufficient for access to Federal Buildings or for boarding flights, neither international nor domestic (in country).

        2- Starting October 1, 2020, a REAL ID or an Enhanced Driver’s License (EDL) will each be sufficient for proof of identification to gain access to a Federal Building. Either of these proofs of ID will also be sufficient to board domestic flights.

        3- The EDL is sufficient proof of identification to travel into the US from Canada or Mexico, by land.

        4- There is no additional cost for a REAL ID if you ‘upgrade’ within one year prior to the expiration of your current license.

        5- The EDL is $30.00 in addition to the standard license fee of $64.50, for a total cost of $94.50 at the time of renewal.

        6- Each of these ‘upgraded’ forms of identification require additional proofs of identification as follows:

                       a. Original Birth Certificate or Valid Passport

                       b. Original Social Security Cards or W2, 1099

                       c. Proof of names changes , if name is different than Birth Certificate

                                            i. Marriage Certificates (Government issued not religious)

                                           ii. Divorce Certificates (Must show maiden name)

                       d. Proof of Residency- needs 2 proofs of living address

                                           i. One utility bill

                                          ii. Bank Statement

                                         iii. Voter registration notification card